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About Dodie Gomer

 As the ninth of 10 children, Dodie believes her upbringing was foundational to her own leadership development. Her mother worked full time, raised 10 children and ran for public office twice before retiring at the age of 75. Dodie and her family still work for those that are truly disadvantaged.

       Photo courtesy of the National Association for Environmental ManagersPhoto courtesy of the National Association for Environmental Management

Dodie Gomer has 25 hears of human resources experience. Her last position was at Caterpillar where she was responsible for the worldwide environmental health and safety talent pipeline. Dodie quickly learned that across many industries, technical experts are developed only in their technical areas. Leadership development was reserved for supervisors, managers or emerging leaders. Yet technical experts set standards and need others to meet certain expectations.

Leadership is the key for technical experts to succeed. Dodie called on other leaders to put a deliberate focus on developing leadership competencies specifically for technical experts. Professional organizations such as American Society of Safety Engineers and National Association for Environmental Managers began inviting Dodie Gomer as their key note speaker. Soon after Dodie was requested in the oil and gas industry to deliver her high energy leadership development programs.

Through keynote speeches, breakout sessions, workshops, and other strategies, Dodie Gomer gives you the foundation to grow professionally. Managers and supervisors learn to accomplish their goals with the aid of other people. Leading without authority is the way that she characterizes it.