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Effective Strategies for Today's Leaders

Be proactive in your quest to becoming an effective leader by contacting Dodie Gomer Enterprises of Peoria, Illinois. Ms. Gomer is a keynote speaker who provides managers and supervisors with leadership strategies and professional development plans. Attendance at one of her leadership workshops is also recommended for anyone who is serious about becoming a skilled leader.

Photo courtesy of the National Association for Environmental Managers
Photo courtesy of the National Association for Environmental Management

Keynote Speaker

Dodie Gomer is an experienced, engaging, and thought-provoking leader that transforms the way technical managers think about leadership. She takes the time to understand the industry and the audience. Ms. Gomer bases her speeches on your technical field of expertise. Instead of delivering a long and boring speech, she hosts a high-energy session that gets people on their feet and challenges them to think.

At the end of hearing Dodie Gomer, you walk away with the tools to rebuild your leadership qualities. Once technical professionals like you see yourselves as leaders, you are able to own your role in the industry. She will set up a follow-up session at your request to determine what works and what does not. 

A major benefit of a keynote speech by Dodie Gomer is that technical professionals learn the importance of collaboration. Because a presentation is both entertaining and enlightening, members of a professional organization will be motivated to make a difference in their industry and to come back next year. Dodie Gomer is available to present keynote speeches at national forums and regional meetings of professional societies.

Professional Development for Chapter Meetings 

Dodie Gomer Enterprises offers professional development specifically related to developing leadership qualities. Typical professional organizations focus on technical training. Leadership devolpment is essential, even if you do not want to become a supervisor or manager. It includes basic problem solving and leadership skills. You also learn how to get others to do what you need them to do even if they do not report to you. Through professional development at your local chapter or even a national forum, you all will learn how to produce effective and efficient results as a technincal leader.