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 Leadership development is a Joint Effort

Most managers do not become skilled leaders overnight. Like any other discipline, you need the proper training to grow. Dodie Gomer Enterprises gives you opportunities to interact with other leaders in breakout sessions and management workshops. By working with others and creating leadership strategies, you learn how to solve problems and achieve results.

Breakout Sessions

In these short meetings, small groups break away from the larger conference to dissect the broader theme. Technical professionals are provided with practical tools they can use to produce results. Breakout sessions recharge participants, which can be doctors, dentists, accountants, real estate agents, engineers, and environmental health and safety professionals.

Dodie Gomer works with a wide range of organizations and professionals with experience across the globe and all level of employees and leaders. The breakout sessions are created to meet your needs. Customized for you. They can include basic problem solving, leadership tools, giving and receiving feedback and measuring results.

Dobie Gomer
Leadership development workshops are ideal for professional organizations, break out sessions at a conference or for a division of employees that want to be empowered and accountable.


Management Workshops

Learn how to deliver results in workshops for small- and medium-sized businesses held by Dodie Gomer Enterprises. Ms. Gomer helps you answer the question: "How will I get it done in a way that will exceed the deliverables?" You learn to accomplish the "how" with basic problem solving and basic leadership tools that help you measure results. At the end of the workshop, you will be armed with tools to deliberately approach your projects and initiatives. The chief benefit is that your performance will increase.